APX® Compounds

Austin Rubber owns and operates a compounding lab with a large, established library of formulation recipes that is continuously growing with the addition of new products and applications.  The compounding lab routinely works with customers to incorporate APX® Devulcanized Rubber and APO™ Plasticizer into existing or new compounds with the focus of maintaining or improving performance and reducing cost.  Austin Rubber has demonstrated capabilities to develop compounds for a variety of industries including: footwear, tires, tire treads, rubber tracks, conveyor belts, industrial goods, sheet goods and molded compounds.

Our compound library contains formulations with varying physical and dynamic properties that are tailored for the following industries:

  • Tires – passenger, light truck, truck, bus, off-the-road
  • Solid and semi-pneumatic tires – agricultural, recreational, commercial
  • Tire treads
  • Rubber tracks
  • Industrial rubber – conveyor belts, conveyor belt rollers, other
  • Footwear
  • Sheet goods
  • Molded compounds

Benefits of APX® Compounds

  • Cost:  Savings on total compound costs by incorporating upcycled materials
  • Performance:  Maintain physical and dynamics properties
  • Compounding:  Custom compound formulations for manufacturers who do not have the in-house compounding infrastructure
  • Sustainability:  Turn-key solutions to achieve corporate sustainability and marketing goals