Bata Going Green – Now a Tire Can Become a Sneaker with APX®

BATA is a global footwear company with a business model based on quality and accessibility.

CUSTOMER CHALLENGE: BATA has a revolutionary pilot project in Batangar, India where they were seeking sustainable solutions for their manufacturing.

SOLUTION:  Austin Rubber joined forces to create a cutting-edge, sustainable supply chain utilizing its sophisticated in-house compounding lab to create the APX® Devulcanized Rubber compound customized for BATA’s needs.  The myriad benefits include: financial, environmental and performance.

RESULTS:  Through a collaboration with Austin Rubber, BATA created a sustainable supply chain.  BATA achieved a cost savings replacement for virgin rubber that also included superior physical properties and improved processing and handling.  BATA was able to provide recipes of their products and perform testing through the Austin Rubber compounding lab.