Austin Rubber to open APX devulcanized rubber

PITTSBURGH—Austin Rubber Co.’s facility in Greenville, Pa., is scheduled to go online Dec. 15 for production of the company’s APX devulcanized rubber and APO plasticizer, according to Donald R. Drew, president of Austin Rubber.

The 30,000-sq.-ft. plant will be located inside the 700,000-sq.-ft. ILSCO complex in Greenville and employ about 21 workers initially with a production capacity of approximately 24 tons per day, Drew said.

It will include a compounding lab for the testing of different compounds containing APX and APO, he said.

Austin Rubber and ILSCO announced their manufacturing partnership in November 2013, according to a news release on the Austin Rubber website.

Austin Rubber appointed ILSCO, a manufacturer of electrical connectors, to its advisory board as manufacturing adviser, and ILSCO made a strategic investment in Austin Rubber, the news release said.

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TREDAGAIN™  is a lifestyle footwear company designing both Men’s and Women’s styles with outsoles made from recycled tires.

CUSTOMER CHALLENGE: TREDAGAIN™ is a new footwear company with the challenge of identifying a key differentiator within the footwear marketplace.  The company wanted to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly offering to the consumer marketplace.

SOLUTION:  Austin Rubber utilized its sophisticated in-house compounding lab to create the APX® compound that can be utilized in the outsoles of footwear.  Austin Rubber worked with TREDAGAIN™ on product goals to create a compound made with 50% recycled scrap tires.

RESULTS:  Through a collaboration with Austin Rubber, TREDAGAIN™ was able to bring the 1st Upcycled Tire Shoe to market, a key differentiation in the marketplace.  After a year on the market, TREDAGAIN™ has expanded its line to over 10 Men’s and Women’s styles using APX® in footwear outsoles and retail locations across the country. TREDAGAIN™ was also able to save money utilizing APX®.

Michele Brooks : Austin Rubber Receives $700,000 PIDA Loan

Senator Michele Brooks is pleased to announce that Penn-Northwest Development Corporation was awarded a $700,000 Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) loan on behalf of Austin Rubber Company, LLC to assist in locating a manufacturing business at ILSCO Extrusions in Greenville.

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BATA is a global footwear company with a business model based on quality and accessibility.

CUSTOMER CHALLENGE: BATA has a revolutionary pilot project in Batangar, India where they were seeking sustainable solutions for their manufacturing.

SOLUTION:  Austin Rubber joined forces to create a cutting-edge, sustainable supply chain utilizing its sophisticated in-house compounding lab to create the APX® compound customized for BATA’s needs.  The myriad benefits include: financial, environmental and performance.

RESULTS:  Through a collaboration with Austin Rubber, BATA created a sustainable supply chain.  BATA achieved a cost savings replacement for virgin rubber that also included superior physical properties And improved processing and handling.  BATA was able to provide recipes of their products and perform testing through the Austin Rubber compounding lab.