Our Business

The world faces a big problem. Every year, more than a billion scrap tires are generated globally. You see them on the side of the road, in streams, and creating huge mountains at landfills. 65% of scrap tires in the U.S. are burned or landfilled. In addition, millions of tons of industrial scrap is created as well. This is not sustainable. The only way to solve this problem is for the scrap rubber to begin a new product life cycle.

Somebody had to do something, so we did. After more than five years of development, Austin Rubber succeeded where others failed. We developed a new technology to effectively devulcanize scrap rubber in an affordable, environmentally sustainable process while maintaining the quality of the rubber so it can be used as a virgin rubber compound substitute. We call this upcycling.

Using this patented technology, Austin Rubber provides solutions for customers seeking sustainable materials and cost savings to incorporate into their rubber-based products.

It is imperative to upcycle these tires and industrial scrap so it no longer accumulates in dangerous landfill piles, clogs streams or is burned as polluting fuel.

  • Austin Rubber uses its patented process to upcycle end-of-life tires and postindustrial scrap compounds into a virgin compound substitute, APX® upcycled rubber.
  • We also provide solutions for companies seeking to incorporate APX® while also achieving savings in their other raw material costs.
  • Austin Rubber’s sophisticated in-house compounding lab has a broad library of compound formulations that customers can use.
  • We also work with customers to incorporate or optimize APX® into your existing compounds.