The Fan™ Process

Austin Rubber manufactures its APX® Devulcanized Rubber using the Fan™ Process, named for Dr. L.T. Fan, our co-founder and one of the inventors. The Fan™ Process is a patented method for devulcanizing scrap rubber that converts tires and other vulcanized rubber compounds into a less expensive, sustainable substitute for virgin rubber compounds.

The process is based on a chemical reaction between vulcanized rubber compounds and GSX®, a family of proprietary reagents. When mixed with rubber compounds, GSX® cleaves the sulfur-sulfur bonds and carbon-sulfur bonds that are the molecular cross-links in vulcanized rubber.

The Fan™ Process is a chemical devulcanization method that is both highly effective and a sustainable process in itself. Using a closed-loop manufacturing operation, the Fan™ Process uses chemicals that are low in toxicity, does not create waste by-products, and has a low emissions footprint. It is also economical, which allows APX® upcycled rubber to be sold at a discount to virgin compounds.

The result is a ground-breaking, sustainable process that helps address a global environmental crisis and benefits all stakeholders economically without relying on government subsidies.