APX®40 devulcanized rubber compound is an agglomerated black powder that disperses easily in a rubber compound masterbatch.  It offers significant cost savings by reducing the amount of more expensive virgin rubber compound required and is an environmentally-friendly material derived from end-of-life tires and postindustrial scrap compound.

APX®40 is a 40-mesh, devulcanized, recycled rubber compound manufactured using Austin Rubber Company’s patented devulcanization technology, the Fan™ process.  The process is based on a chemical reaction between vulcanized rubber compounds and GSX®, a family of proprietary reagents. When mixed with rubber compounds, GSX® cleaves the sulfur-sulfur bonds and carbon-sulfur bonds that are the molecular cross-links in vulcanized rubber.

Typical physical and dynamic properties of rubber compounds containing APX® generally remain within +/- 10% of a baseline comparison, depending on the load level used. Third-party characterization of APX® compounds has been completed and demonstrated that APX® is a high quality raw material capable of being mixed into new rubber compounds at load levels ranging from 25% to 50% and higher.

Benefits of APX® 40

  • Cost:  Savings on raw material costs
  • Performance:  Maintain physical and dynamics properties with APX® 40 load levels up to 50%
  • Compounding:  Easily incorporated into existing compounding process; does not require equipment modifications
  • Sustainability: Help solve a global environmental issue by using scrap rubber that could otherwise end in landfills to achieve corporate sustainability and marketing goals