Austin Rubber provides solutions for any industry that makes molded rubber products. APX®40 can be used in high loads, replacing 25-50% of virgin rubber in a wide range of compounds. APO Plasticizer™ also can be used in a wide range of rubber compounds to reduce costs and to add a recycled component to the compound mix.

Industries that Austin Rubber serves include:

  • Solid Tires and Tire Treads
  • Commercial and Passenger Tires
  • Industrial Conveyor Belts
  • Footwear
  • Miscellaneous Industrial Applications

Benefits of using Austin Rubber products and services include:

  • Cost: Savings on raw material costs
  • Performance: Maintain physical and dynamics properties with upcycled rubber load levels up to 50%
  • Compounding: Simplify older compound formulations
  • Sustainability: Help solve a global environmental issue by using scrap rubber that could otherwise end in landfills to achieve corporate sustainability and marketing goals