TREDAGAIN™ – The World’s First Upcycled Tire Shoe Using APX® Devulcanized Rubber

TREDAGAIN™ is a lifestyle footwear company designing both Men’s and Women’s styles with outsoles made from recycled tires.

CUSTOMER CHALLENGE: TREDAGAIN™ is a new footwear company with the challenge of identifying a key differentiator within the footwear marketplace.  The company wanted to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly offering to the consumer marketplace.

SOLUTION:  Austin Rubber utilized its sophisticated in-house compounding lab to create the APX® Devulcanized Rubber compounds that can be utilized in the outsoles of footwear.  Austin Rubber worked with TREDAGAIN™ on product goals to create a compound made with 50% recycled scrap tires.

RESULTS:  Through a collaboration with Austin Rubber, TREDAGAIN™ was able to bring the 1st Upcycled Tire Shoe to market, a key differentiation in the marketplace.  After a year on the market, TREDAGAIN™ has expanded its line to over 10 Men’s and Women’s styles using APX® in footwear outsoles and retail locations across the country. TREDAGAIN™ was also able to save money utilizing APX®.