Vulcanized Rubber Waste Processing (Toll Processing)

Austin Rubber’s Fan™ Process devulcanizes any sulfur-cured rubber compound. Austin Rubber can toll process clients’ scrap rubber waste into a devulcanized compound that can be used in the client’s compounds at especially high levels due to the compatibility of replacing “like for like.” The client’s waste would need to be ground to a 40-mesh material for best results either by the client or a third party. Austin Rubber will work with clients to determine if toll processing is a economic solution for their circumstances.

Compound Development and Optimization

Through simple mixing and molding evaluation trials, Austin Rubber is able to work with clients to demonstrate the benefits and effectiveness of APX® and APO Plasticizer™. The vertical integration of in-house compounding, molding and testing capabilities also enable us to streamline formulation and prototyping efforts for our clients.

Sustainable Solutions for the Rubber Industry

Austin Rubber can evaluate your rubber products and evaluate ways to enhance your sustainability goals through the use of devulcanized rubber compounds and recycled plasticizer. Alternatives may include some combination of incorporating APX® products, recycling your own production waste or incorporating third party recycled materials.